Q: What do I need to bring or provide to get the most out of my consultation?

Please get a copy of your full file from any prior attorneys. Collect ALL documents that you have ever, at any time, sent to the immigration service, the immigration court or any other immigration-related government agency or office. Please bring all documents or letters that the immigration service or any other immigration-related agency, including the Department of State or Department of Labor has sent to you or that you have sent to them. Collect ALL passports—old ones and new ones and bring them as well.

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, appeared in court for ANY reason, you must bring papers from the court in which you appeared. Please go to the court where you appeared. Go to the clerk for the criminal court, ask for a certified copy of all pages of the docket sheet, also called a disposition, for each case regardless of the outcome. You must be specific about the case and provide some details to the clerk in order to get the docket sheet—your name, the approximate date of the incident and the general type of charge if possible is very helpful. The certified copies will cost you a few dollars per page but please get all the pages—there will always be at least two pages in the complete docket sheet. You can also get the "green sheet" from your file if you took a plea. The "green sheet" doesn't need to be a certified copy.

Q: How much will my case cost?

Unfortunately, we do not know until we can meet you and review your documents and your case. Immigration is a very complicated and complex field of law, therefore, we do not have set prices for different cases. Even if you can't tell, every person has a different situation, especially in immigration cases where one tiny difference in a case can have a huge impact on what we can or cannot do for you.

We generally set a flat fee for each case—that means you know specifically how much the case will cost before we start—but we can only do that once we know more about your case, how complicated it is and how much work we will have to do for you. We have been practicing immigration law for a long time so we have a good idea how much time a certain type of case will take once we have reviewed the situation and the documents and talked to you. All of our flat fees are based upon our hourly rate of $300 per/hour.

The immigration filing fees are your responsibility in addition to the legal fees. We request a down payment or retainer fee to start the case and then we will set a reasonable payment plan for the remainder of the fees when we sign a retainer agreement with you. You will not be our client until a retainer agreement or contract is signed

Q: Will you guarantee an outcome in my case?

No. We can never guarantee an outcome in a case, even though most clients want a guarantee, because we are not the ones making the decisions—the Immigration Judge, immigration services or the United States Consular officer is making the decision. As we have practiced exclusively in the immigration field for so long, however, we can usually explain clearly to you the problems and positive factors in your case so you will have a good idea of what might happen and why.

Q: How much is a consultation?

We charge $150 for a consultation either in our office or via Skype. You can pay this fee with cash (US Dollars), credit card, check or money order. If you decide to hire us to represent you, you will get a $150 credit towards any future legal fees.

Q: What forms of payment will you take?

You can pay your legal fees with cash (US Dollars), credit card, check or money order. Immigration filing fees cannot be paid with a credit card, unless we are paying the Department of State, which will take credit cards for payment directly.

Q: How should we contact you to schedule a consultation?

You can call us or email us. Each of the attorneys makes his or her own appointments, but you can talk to one of our paralegals in order to let us know that you are interested in meeting with us and so we can make sure your case is one that we may be able to handle.


Graves & Doyle is a full-service law firm. We offer representation and assistance in all aspects of immigration and citizenship cases. This includes family and employment-based immigration, non-immigrant visas, complex federal litigation and post-deportation motions to reopen. Please contact us to schedule an in-person or Skype consultation.

We speak French, Haitian Creole, Spanish and Swahili. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your immigration needs.